001A5W Datasheet PDF – 500mA, LDO Regulator – Rohm

Part Number : 001A5W

Function : LDO regulator with output current 0.5A

Package :  HTSOP-J8 Pin Type

Manufactures : Rohm


001A5W datasheet 00IA5W


BD00IA5WEFJ is a LDO regulators with an output current of 0.5A. The output accuracy is ±1% of the output voltage. Both fixed and variable output voltage devices are available. The output voltage of the variable output voltage device can be varied from 0.8 to 4.5V using external resistors. Various fixed output voltage devices that do not use external resistors are also available. It can be used for a wide range of digital appliance applications.


001A5W pinout regulator


1. Output current 0.5A
2. High accuracy reference voltage circuit
3. Built-in Over Current Protection circuit (OCP)
4. Built-in Thermal Shut Down circuit (TSD)
5. With shut down switch

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001A5W Datasheet PDF

001A5W pdf