06N03LA – IPB06N03LA – Power Transistor

Part Number : 06N03LA

Function : IPB06N03LA

Manufactures : Infineon Technologies Corporation

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IPB06N03LA IPI06N03LA, IPP06N03LA OptiMOS®2 Power-Transistor Features • Ideal for high-frequency dc/dc converters • N-channel • Logic level • Excellent gate charge x R DS(on) product (FOM) • Very low on-resistance R DS(on) • Superior thermal resistance • 175 °C operating temperature • dv /dt rated P-TO263-3-2 Product Summary V DS R DS(on),max (SMD version) ID 25 5.9 50 V mΩ A P-TO262-3-1 P-TO220-3-1 Type IPB06N03LA IPI06N03LA IPP06N03LA Package P-TO263-3-2 P-TO262-3-1 P-TO220-3-1 Ordering Code Q67042-S4146 Q67042-S4147 Q67042-S4148 Marking 06N03LA 06N03LA 06N03LA Maximum ratings, at T j=25 °C, unless otherwise specified Parameter Continuous drain current Symbol Conditions ID T C=25 °C1) T C=100 °C Pulsed drain current Avalanche energy, single pulse Reverse diode dv /dt Gate source voltage3) Power dissipation Operating and storage temperature IEC climatic category; DIN IEC 68-1 I D,pulse E AS dv /dt V GS P tot T j, T stg T C=25 °C T C=25 °C2) I D=50 A, R GS=25 Ω I D=50 A, V DS=20 V, di /dt =200 A/µs, T j,max=175 °C Value 50 50 350 225 6 ±20 83 -55 … 175 55/175/56 mJ kV/µs V W °C Unit A Rev. 1.2 page 1 2003-06-18 IPB06N03LA IPI06N03LA, IPP06N03LA Parameter Symbol Conditions min. Thermal characteristics Thermal resistance, junction – case SMD version, device on PCB R thJC R thJA minimal footprint 6 cm2 cooling area4) Electrical characteristics, at T j=25 °C, unless otherwise specified Static characteristics Drain-source breakdown voltage Gate threshold voltage Zero gate voltage drain current V (BR)DSS V GS=0 V, I D=1 mA V GS(th) I DSS V DS=V GS, I D=40 µA V DS=25 V, V GS=0 V, T j=25 °C V DS=25 V, V GS=0 V, T j=125 °C Gate-source leakage current Drain-source on-state resistance I GSS R DS(on) V GS=20 V, V DS=0 V V GS=4.5 V, I D=30 A V GS=4.5 V, I D=30 A, SMD version V GS=10 V, I D=30 A V GS=10 V, I D=30 A, SMD version Gate resistance Transconductance RG g fs |V DS|>2|I D|R DS(on)max, I D=30 A 25 1,2 1,6 0,1 2 1 µA V 1,8 62 40 K/W Values typ. max. Unit 26 10 10 7,9 7,6 5,2 4,9 1,2 52 100 100 9,9 9,5 6,2 5,9 Ω S nA mΩ 1) Current is limited by bondwire; with an R thJC=1.8 K/W the chip is able to carry 91 A. See figure 3 T j,max=150 °C and duty cycle D <0.25 for V GS<-5 V 2) 3) 4) Device on 40 mm x 40 mm x 1.5 mm epoxy PCB FR4 with 6 cm 2 (one layer, 70 µm thick) copper area for drain connection. PCB is vertical in still air. Rev. 1.2 page 2 2003-06-18 IPB06N03LA IPI06N03LA, IPP06N03LA Parameter Symbol Conditions min. Dynamic characteristics Input capacitance Output capacitance Reverse transfer capacitance Turn-on delay time Rise time Turn-off delay time Fall time Gate Charge Characteristics5) Gate to source charge Gate charge at threshold Gate to drain charge Switching charge Gate charge total Gate plateau voltage Gate charge total, sync. FET Output charge Reverse Diode Diode continous forward current Diode pulse current Di […]

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