07N60C3 PDF Datasheet – N-Channel, 650V, MOSFET

Part Number: 07N60C3, SPP07N60C3, SPI07N60C3, SPA07N60C3

Function: Single N-Channel 650V, MOSFET ( Power Transistor )

Package: PG-TO220FP, PG-TO262, PG-TO220 Type

Manufacturer: Infineon

Images:07N60C3 pinout pdf


07N60C3 is 650V, 7.3A, Cool MOS Power Transistor.  “CoolMOS” is a brand name used by Infineon Technologies for a family of power MOSFETs (Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistors) designed to offer high efficiency and performance in various power conversion applications. CoolMOS transistors are widely used in switch-mode power supplies, motor drives, lighting systems, and other applications where efficient power switching is crucial.

Features :

• New revolutionary high voltage technology

• Ultra low gate charge

• Periodic avalanche rated

• Extreme dv/dt rated

• High peak current capability

• Improved transconductance

07N60C3 datasheet mosfet

CoolMOS technology is continuously evolving, with new generations being developed to provide even better performance and efficiency. The brand name signifies a focus on keeping the operating temperatures of the transistors relatively low, which is essential for maintaining their efficiency and reliability.

07N60C3 PDF Datasheet