1-102321-2 Datasheet – 64 Position, 2.54mm, Connector

Part Number: 1-102321-2

Function: AMP-LATCH Pin and Pinless Headers

Manufacturer: TE Connectivity


1-102321-2 datasheet



The 1-102321-2 is 64 Position, 2.54mm, Header Connector.

A header connector is a type of electrical connector used to connect two or more electronic devices or components. It consists of two parts: a male header and a female socket. The male header consists of a row of pins or connectors, while the female socket has matching holes to accommodate the pins or connectors.

Header connectors are commonly used in electronic circuits to provide a way of connecting different modules or components together. They are often used on printed circuit boards (PCBs) to connect peripheral devices such as displays, sensors, and other electronic components to the main circuit board. They can also be used to connect wires or cables to electronic devices or circuit boards.


1. Connector System : Board-to-Board

2. Header Type = Universal Ejection Pin Headers

3. AMP-LATCH Product Line

4. Standard Profile

5. 64 Positions

6. PCB Mount Retention Type : Screw Mount

7. Connector & Housing Type : Receptacle

Official Homepage: https://www.te.com/usa-en/product-11023212.html

Other data sheets are available within the file: 11023212

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