103 Datasheet – 0.1/2.5 GHz Si MMIC BUFFER AMPLIFIERS

This post explains for the semiconductor 103.

The Part Number is 103.

The function of this semiconductor is 0.1/2.5 GHz Si MMIC BUFFER AMPLIFIERS.

Manufacturers : STMicroelectronics

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Description :

STB7102, STB7103, STB7104 0.1/2.5 GHz Si MMIC BUFFER AMPLIFIERS PRELIMINARY DATA Features STB710X FAMILY • OPERATING FREQUENCY 100-2500MHz • EXCELLENT ISOLATION • LOW CURRENT CONSUMPTION • ULTRA MINIATURE SOT323-6L PACKAGE (1.15 x 1.8 x 0.8 mm) SOT323-6L (SC70) STB7102 • HIGH ISOLATION (45 dB @ 950 MHz) STB7103 • HIGH LINEARITY (P1 dB OUTPUT = +1.5 dBm) STB7104 • LOW CURRENT CONSUMPTION (2.8 mA) ORDERING INFORMATION P/N STB7102 STB7103 STB7104 ORDER CODE STB7102TR TBD TBD MARKING 102 103 104 Description The STB7102, STB7103 and STB7104 designed for Mobile Phone applications (0.1/2.5GHz), are an high isolation Si MMIC Buffer Amplifiers. Manufactured in the third generation of ST proprietary bipolar process, they offers an excellent isolation and a good linearity using a low current consumption. These low current amplifiers operate on 3.0 V. The STB710x family is housed in an ultra miniature package SOT323-6L surface mount package. SOT323-6L dimensions are 1.15mmx1.8mm […]

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103 Datasheet

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