10EZ11 Datasheet PDF

Part Number : 10EZ11

Function : This 10 Watt rated series of Zener voltage regulators

Manufacturers : Microsemi Corporation

Pinouts :

10EZ11 datasheet

Description :

This 10 Watt rated series of Zener voltage regulators provides a smaller plastic package option in the standard TO-220AB package compared to the more expensive DO-4 stud packages. With proper heat sinking, this also provides cooler operating temperatures for optimum voltage regulation. This may also be of benefit in applications requiring conservative operation in the 5 Watt or lower range where axial-leaded or other surface mount devices cannot be mounted or heat sunk adequately with minimal thermal resistance from lead to ambient. In these type examples up to 5 W ratings, excessive lead temperatures may also require power derating with typical PC board mounting methods on axial or surface mount devices. This can often makes the 10EZ3.9 thru 10EX100 a much better selection for thermal management when such problems occur.

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