11N65C3 PDF – 650V, Power Transistor – SPP11N65C3

This post describes for the MOSFET.

The Part Number 11N65C3, SPP11N65C3.

The function of this semiconductor is 650V, Power Transistor.

The package is TO-262, TO-220 Type

The manufacturer of this part is Infineon Technologies.

See the preview image and the PDF file for more information.

11N65C3 pinout datasheet


11N65C3 is 650V, 11A, Cool MOS Power Transistor.

CoolMOS is a specific brand and technology developed by Infineon Technologies. It incorporates advanced design techniques and optimized materials to provide specific benefits such as low switching losses, high efficiency, and high voltage capability. On the other hand, MOSFET is a general term used to describe a broader class of transistors based on the metal-oxide-semiconductor technology.

CoolMOS power transistors, including the CoolMOS family from Infineon, are available with specific voltage ratings. These ratings indicate the maximum voltage that the transistors can handle. CoolMOS power transistors are commonly available with high voltage ratings, such as 600V, 800V, or higher, suitable for power applications. MOSFETs, on the other hand, can have a wide range of voltage ratings, including low-voltage and medium-voltage options.


• New revolutionary high voltage technology

• Ultra low gate charge

• Periodic avalanche rated

• Extreme dv/dt rated

• High peak current capability

• Improved transconductance

11N65C3 pdf transistor

11N65C3 PDF Datasheet


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