11NM50N Datasheet – N-Ch, 500V, 8.5A, MOSFET ( PDF )

Part Number : STF11NM50N

Markign : 11NM50N

Function : N-Channel 500V, 8.5A, Powr MOSFET

Package : TO-220FP Type

Manufacturers : STMicroelectronics ( www.st.com )

Image :

11NM50N datasheet

Description :

The 11NM50N is an N-channel Power MOSFET developed using the second generation of
MDmesh technology. This revolutionary Power MOSFET associates a vertical structure to the
company’s strip layout to yield one of the world’s lowest on-resistance and gate charge. It is
therefore suitable for the most demanding high efficiency converters.

Features :

1. 100% avalanche tested
2. Low input capacitance and gate charge
3. Low gate input resistance

Pinouts :

11NM50N pinout mosfet


Applications :

1. Switching applications

Other data sheets within the file : STF11NM50


11NM50N Datasheet PDF Download

11NM50N pdf

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