1250B65 – Current-Mode PWM Controller

Part Number : 1250B65

Function : Current-Mode PWM Controller

Manufactures : ON Semiconductor

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NCP1250 Current-Mode PWM Controller for Off-line Power Supplies The NCP1250 is a highly integrated PWM controller capable of delivering a rugged and high performance offline power supply in a tiny TSOP−6 or PDIP−8 package. With a supply range up to 28 V, the controller hosts a jittered 65 kHz or 100 kHz switching circuitry operated in peak current mode control. When the power on the secondary side starts to decrease, the controller automatically folds back its switching frequency down to a minimum level of 26 kHz. As the power further goes down, the part enters skip cycle while limiting the peak current. Over Power Protection (OPP) is a difficult exercise especially when no−load standby requirements drive the converter specifications. The ON proprietary integrated OPP lets you harness the maximum delivered power without affecting your standby performance simply via two external resistors. An Over Voltage Protection input is also combined on the same pin and protects the whole circuitry in case of optocoupler failure or adverse open loop operation. Finally, a timer−based short−circuit protection offers the best protection scheme, letting you precisely select the protection trip point irrespective of a loose coupling between the auxiliary and the power windings. Features • Fixed−Frequency 65 or 100 kHz Current−Mode Control Operation • Internal and Adjustable Over Power Protection (OPP) Circuit • Frequency Foldback Down to 26 kHz and Skip−Cycle in Light Load Conditions • Internal Ramp Compensation • Internal Fixed 4 ms Soft−Start • 100 ms Timer−Based Auto−Recovery Short−Circuit Protection • Frequency Jittering in Normal and Frequency Foldback Modes • Option for Auto−Recovery or Latched Short−Circuit Protection • OVP Input for Improved Robustness • Up to 28 V VCC Operation • +300 mA/−500 mA Source/Sink Drive Capability • Less than 100 mW Standby Power at High Line • EPS 2.0 Compliant • These are Pb−Free Devices Typical Applications • ac−dc Converters for TVs, Set−top Boxes and Printers • Offline Adapters for Notebooks and Netbooks www.onsemi.com MARKING DIAGRAMS TSOP−6 (SOT23−6) SN SUFFIX 25xAYWG 1 CASE 318G G 1 PDIP−8 SUFFIX P Case 626 125xy65 AWL YYWWG 25x = Specific Device Code x = A, 2, C, D, 0, 1 y = A or B A = Assembly Location WL = Wafer Lot Y, YY = Year W, WW = Work Week G or G = Pb−Free Package (Note: Microdot may be in either location) PIN CONNECTIONS GND 1 6 DRV FB 2 OPP/Latch 3 5 VCC 4 CS TSOP−6 (Top View) GND 1 DRV 2 N/C 3 VCC 4 8 OPP/LATCH 7 N/C 6 FB 5 CS PDIP−8 (Top View) ORDERING INFORMATION See detailed ordering and shipping information in the package dimensions section on page 3 of this data sheet. © Semiconductor Components Industries, LLC, 2015 April, 2015 − Rev. 10 1 Publication Order Number: NCP1250/D Vbulk OVP OPP NCP1250 16 25 34 NCP1250 . . . ramp comp. Vo u t Figure 1. Typical Application Example (TSOP−6) PIN DE […]

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1250B65 Datasheet

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