13005A Datasheet – High Voltage NPN Transistor

Part Number : ST13005, Marking : 13005A

Function : High Voltage Fast-Switching NPN Power Transistor

Package : TO-220 Type

Manufactures : STMicroelectronics


13005A npn transistor


The device is manufactured using high voltage multi-epitaxial planar technology for high switching speeds and medium voltage capability. It uses a cellular emitter structure with planar edge termination to enhance switching speeds while maintaining the wide RBSOA.

13005A Pinout

13005A datasheet pinout



1. Low spread of dynamic parameters
2. Minimum lot-to-lot spread for reliable operation
3. Very high switching speed


1. Electronic ballast for fluorescent lighting
2. Switch mode power supplies


13005A Datasheet PDF

13005A pdf


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