14CL40 Datasheet PDF – 400V, 14A, IGBT With On-Chip

Part Number : 14CL40 ( = IRGS14C40L )

Function : 14A, 400V, Ignition IGBT

Package : TO-263AB Type

Manufactures : IR, Fairchid


14CL40 datasheet igbt


The advanced IGBT process family includes a MOS gated, N-channel logic level device which is intended for coil-on-plug automotive ignition applications and small-engine ignition circuits. Unique features include on-chip active voltage clamps between the Gate-Emitter and Gate-Collector which provide over voltage protection capability in ignition circuits.


14CL40 pinout


1. Most Rugged in Industry
2. Logic-Level Gate Drive
3. Low Saturation Voltage
4. High Self-clamped inductive swtiching energy

Other data sheets within the file : GS14C40L

14CL40 Datasheet PDF

14CL40 pdf