150EBU02 Rectifier – 150A, 200V, Recovery Diode

Part Number : 150EBU02

Function : Ultrafast Soft Recovery Diode / 150 A, 200V

Manufacturers : Vishay Semiconductors

Image and Pinouts :

150EBU02 datasheet


Description :

These diodes are optimized to reduce losses and EMI/RFI in high frequency power conditioning systems.

The softness of the recovery eliminates the need for a snubber in most applications. These devices are ideally suited for HF welding, power converters and other applications where switching losses are not significant portion of the total losses.


• Ultrafast recovery time
• 175 °C max. operating junction temperature
• Screw mounting only

Other data sheets within the file : VS-150EBU02

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150EBU02 pdf