1602A-1 Datasheet – LCD Module ( 16 Char x 2 Line ), Arduino

Part Number: 1602A-1

Function: LCD Module ( 16 Character x 2 Line )

Manufacturer: EONE


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SHENZHEN EONE ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD Specification for LCD Module 1602A-1 (V1.2) 1602A-1 LCD Module Specification Ver1.0 1 SHENZHEN EONE ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD 1. 0 Features y y y y y y y y Display Mode: STN, BLUB Display Formate: 16 Character x 2 Line Viewing Direction: 6 O’Clock Input Data: 4-Bits or 8-Bits interface available Display Font : 5 x 8 Dots Power Supply : Single Power Supply (5V±10%) Driving Scheme : 1/16Duty,1/5Bias BACKLIGHT(SIDE):LED(WHITE) 2.0 ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM Item Power Supply for logic Power supply for LCD Drive Input Voltage Operating Temperature Storage Temperature Symbol Vdd Vlcd Vi Ta Tstg Min. -0.3 Vdd-10.0 -0.3 0 -10 Max. +7.0 Vdd+0.3 Vdd+0.3 +50 +60 Unit V V V ℃ ℃ 3.0ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (Ta=25℃;Vdd=3.0V±10%,otherwise specified) Item Symbol Test Condition Power Supply for Logic Vdd -Operating Voltage for LCD Vdd-Vo -Input Highٛ voltage Vih -Input Lowٛ voltage Vil -Output Highٛ voltage Voh -Ioh=0.2mA Output Lowٛ voltage Vol Iol=1.2mA Power supply current Idd Vdd=3.0v Min. Typ. Max. 4.7 5.0 5.5 -5.0 -2.2 -Vdd -0.3 -0.6 2.4 —-0.4 -1.1 -Unit V V V V V V mA 4.0 MECHANICAL PARAMETERS Item PCB Dimension View Dimension Description 80.0*36.0*1.6 69.5*14.5 Unit mm mm 1602A-1 LCD Module Specification Ver1.0 2 SHENZHEN EONE ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD 5. 0 PIN ASSIGNMENT No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Symbol Vss Vdd V0 RS R/W E DB0 DB1 DB2 DB3 DB4 DB5 DB6 DB7 BLA BLK Level —H/L H/L H,H-L H/L H/L H/L H/L H/L H/L H/L H/L –Function 0V +5V Power Supply for LCD Register Select: H:Data Input L:Instruction Input H–Read L–Write Enable Signal Data bus used in 8 bit transfer Data bus for both 4 and 8 bit transfer BLACKLIGHT +5V BLACKLIGHT 0V- 6.0 BLOCK DIAGRAM 7.0 POWER SUPPLY BLOCK DIAGRAM 1602A-1 LCD Module Specification Ver1.0 3 SHENZHEN EONE ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD 8.0 TIMING CHARACTERISTICS 1602A-1 LCD Module Specification Ver1.0 4 SHENZHEN EONE ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD 9.0 Display control instruction The display control instructions control the internal state of the ST7066U-0A. Instruction is received from MPU to ST7066U-0A for the display control. The following table shows various instructions. 1602A-1 LCD Module Specification Ver1.0 5 […]

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1602A-1 Datasheet

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