16TTS12 Datasheet – 800V, 16A, SCR, Thyristor

Part Number : 16TTS12

Function : Thyristor High Voltage, Phase Control SCR, 16 A

Package : TO-220 Type

Manufacturers : Vishay Semiconductors

Pinouts :

16TTS12 datasheet


Description :

The VS-16TTS… high voltage series of silicon controlled rectifiers are specifically designed for medium power switching and phase control applications. The glass
passivation technology used has reliable operating up to 125 °C junction temperature.

Absolute maximum ratings ( Ta=25°C )

VDRM Repetitive peak off-state voltage 800 V
VRRM Repetitive peak reverse voltage 800 V
IT(AV) Average on-stage current 10 A
IT(RMS) RMS on-state current 16 A
ITSM Surge non-repetitive on-state current@TP=10ms 200 A
PG(AV) Average gate power dissipation 2 W

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