1N5408 Diode – 3A, 1000V, Rectifier (Datasheet)

This post explains for the semiconductor 1N5408.

The Part Number is 1N5408.

The function of this semiconductor is 3.0A RECTIFIER.

Manufacturers : Diodes Incorporated

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Description :

1N5400 – 1N5408 3.0A RECTIFIER Features · · · · · Diffused Junction High Current Capability and Low Forward Voltage Drop Surge Overload Rating to 200A Peak Low Reverse Leakage Current Plastic Material: UL Flammability Classification Rating 94V-0 A B A D DO-201AD Dim A B C D Min 25.40 7.20 1.20 4.80 Max ¾ 9.50 1.30 5.30 C Mechanical Data · · · · · · Case: Molded Plastic Terminals: Plated Leads Solderable per MIL-STD-202, Method 208 Polarity: Cathode Band Weight: 1.1 grams (approx.) Mounting Position: Any Marking: Type Number All Dimensions in mm @ TA = 25°C unless otherwise specified Maximum Ratings and Electrical Characteristics Single phase, half wave, 60Hz, resistive or inductive load. For capacitive load, derate current by 20%. Characteristic Peak Repetitive Reverse Voltage Working Peak Reverse Voltage DC Blocking Voltage RMS Reverse Voltage Average Rectified Output Current @ TA = 105°C (Note 1) Non-Repetitive Peak Forward Surge Current 8.3ms Single half sine-wa […]

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1N5408 Datasheet

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