1N3611 Datasheet – 200V, 1A, Rectifier Diode – Semtech

Part Number : 1N3611, 1N3612 – 1N3957

Function : 1.0A, 200V, Standard Recovery Rectifier Diode

Manufacturers : Semtech Corporation

Pinouts :

1N3611 datasheet


Description :

1. Low reverse leakage current
2. Hermetically sealed in Metoxilite fused metal oxide
3. Good thermal shock resistance
4. Low forward voltage drop
5. Avalanche capability
6. These products can be supplied as JANTX levels.

Quick reference data

VR = 200 V
IO = 1.0 A
trr = 2μS
VF = 1.1V

Other data sheets within the file : 1N3612, 1N3613, 1N3614, 1N3957

1N3611 Datasheet PDF

1N3611 pdf


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