1N4084 Rectifier, 175V, Zener Diode ( Datasheet PDF )

Part Number : 1N4084

Function : 175V, Temperature Compensated Zener (TCZ)

Package : EE Type

Manufacturers : Microsemi Corporation

Image and Pinouts :

1N4084 datasheet


Description :

The 1N4057 through 1N4085A series of temperature compensated reference diodes provides a wide selection of nominal voltages ranging from 12.4 V to 200 V with low temperature coefficients of either 0.005%/C or 0.002%/°C for minimal voltage change with temperature.

These axial-leaed reference diodes are packaged in three different plastic body package configuration progressively incresing in size with the voltage.

Features :

1. JEDEC registered 1N4057 thru 1N4085

2. Hermetically sealed, metallurgically bonded, double-pulg construction

3. Up-screening available in reference to MIL-PRF-19500

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1N4084 pdf

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