1N4084 Diode, Rectifier ( Datasheet PDF )

Part Number : 1N4084

Function : 1N4057(A) – 1N4085(A) / Temperature Compensated Zeners (TCZ)

Manufacturers : Microsemi Corporation

Pinouts :

1N4084 datasheet

Description :

The 1N4057 through 1N4085A series of temperature compensated reference diodes provides a wide selection of nominal voltages ranging from 12.4 V to 200 V with low temperature coefficients of either 0.005%/C or 0.002%/oC for minimal voltage change with temperature.  This is achieved at the specified test currents of:

– 10.0 mA for the lower voltages 12.4 V to 33 V

– 7.5 mA for the next higher voltage grouping of 37 V to 100 V

– 5.00 mA for 68 V to 100 V

– 2.5 mA for the highest voltage group 105 V to 200 V

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1N4084 pdf

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