1N4733A Datasheet PDF – 5.1V, 1W, Voltage Regulator Diode

Part Number: 1N4733A

Function: 5.1V, Voltage Regulator Diode

Package: DO-41, SOD66

Manufacturer: NXP Semiconductors.

Image and Pinouts:

1N4733A datasheet


The 1N4733A is 5.1V, 1W, Diode.

A voltage regulator diode, also known as a Zener diode, is a type of diode that is specifically designed to maintain a constant voltage across its terminals when it is operated in the reverse-biased direction.

Unlike regular diodes that are primarily used for rectification purposes, Zener diodes are designed to operate in the breakdown region of their reverse-biased characteristics. This means that they are designed to conduct current in the reverse direction once a certain voltage, known as the “Zener voltage” or “avalanche voltage,” is reached.

The primary function of a voltage regulator diode is to stabilize or regulate the voltage across a circuit or a specific component. When a Zener diode is properly connected in a circuit, it can limit or “clamp” the voltage at a specific level, preventing it from exceeding that level. This makes Zener diodes useful for voltage regulation and protection against voltage spikes or surges.

Low voltage regulator diodes in hermetically sealed small SOD66 (DO-41) glass
packages. The series consists of 22 types with nominal working voltages from 3.3 to 24 V.


1. Total power dissipation : max. ≤ 1000 mW

2. Tolerance series : ±5 %

3. Working voltage range : nom. 3.3 V to 24 V

4. Small hermetically sealed glass package


1. Low voltage stabilizers

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1N4733A Datasheet PDF Download

1N4733A pdf

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