1N5385B Datasheet – 170V, 5W, Zener Diode

What is 1N5385B?

It is a high power Zener diode designed for voltage regulation and transient suppression in applications requiring high power dissipation.

Part Number: 1N5385B ( 1N5333B thru 1N5388B )

Function: Silicon 5 Watt, 170V, Zener Diode

Package: TO-15 or DO-201AE

Manufacturer: Microsemi Corporation, Won-Top Electronics

1N5385B datasheet


The 1N5385B is 170V, 5W, Zener Diode.

The 1N5333B through 1N5388B JEDEC registered series of axial-leaded 5.0 watt Zeners provides a selection from 3.3 to 200 volts with different tolerances as identified by specific suffix letter on the part number.

These plastic encapsulated Zeners have a moisture classification of “Level 1” with no dry pack required. They may be operated at high maximum dc currents with adequate heat sinking due to their comparatively low thermal resistance design. Microsemi also offers numerous other Zener products to meet higher and lower power applications.

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1N5385B Zener Diode


1. Zener Voltage : 170 V
2. High Surge Current Capability
3. 5.0W Power Dissipation
4. For Use in Voltage Regulator or Reference


1. Regulates voltage over broad operating current and temperature ranges.
2. Wide selection from 3.3 to 200 V.
3. Flexible axial-lead mounting terminals.
4. Non-sensitive to ESD per MIL-STD-750 method 1020.
5. Withstands high surge stresses.
6. Minimal changes of voltage versus current.
7. High specified maximum current (IZM) with adequate heat sinking.


1N5385B Datasheet PDF Download

1N5385B pdf

Other data sheets are available within the file: 1N5333B, 1N5334B, 1N5335B, 1N5336B, 1N5337B