1N5818-1 Diode, 30V, Rectifier ( Datasheet PDF )

Part Number : 1N5818-1

Function : 30V, Schottky Rectifier

Package : DO-41 Type

Manufacturers : Microsemi Corporation

Image and Pinouts :

1N5818-1 datasheet


Description :

This 1 Amp Schottky barrier rectifier is metallurgically bonded and offers military grade qualifications for the part numbers of 1N5819-1 and 1N6761-1 for high-reliability applications. This small diode is hermetically sealed and bonded into a DO-41 glass package.

Features :

1. JEDEC registered 1N5818, 1N5819 and 1N6759 through 1N6761 numbers.

2. Hermetically sealed DO-41 glass package.

3. Metallurgically bonded.


Applications :

1. Small size for high density mounting using flexible thru-hole leads (see package illustration).

2. Low reverse (leakage) currents.

3. Non-sensitive to ESD per MIL-STD-750 test method 1020 (human body model).


1N5818-1 Datasheet PDF Download

1N5818-1 pdf

Other data sheets within the file : IN5818-1, 1N5819-1, 1N6759-1, 1N6760-1, DSB1A100