1N751A Datasheet – Zener Diode, 5.1V, 500mW

Part Number : 1N751A

Function : 500mW, 5.1V, Silicon Zener Diode

Package : DO-35 Case

Manufacturers : Central Semiconductor

Image and pinouts

1N751A datasheet


Description :

The CENTRAL SEMICONDUCTOR 1N746A series silicon Zener diode is a highly reliable voltage regulator designed for use in industrial, commercial, entertainment and computer applications.

Zener Diode Lists

1N746A 3.3V
1N747A 3.6V
1N748A 3.9V
1N749A 4.3V
1N750A 4.7V
1N751A 5.1V
1N752A 5.6V
1N753A 6.2V
1N754A 6.8V
1N755A 7.5V
1N756A 8.2V
1N757A 9.1V
1N758A 10V
1N759A 12V


1N751A Datasheet PDF Download

1N751A pdf

Other data sheets within the file : 1N746A, 1N747A, 1N748A, 1N749A

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