IRG7R313U Datasheet – 330V, IGBT for PDF – IRF

Part Number : IRG7R313U

Function :  330V, PDF Trench IGBT

Package : D-Pack Type

Manufactures :,




This IGBT ( IRG7R313U ) is specifically designed for applications in Plasma Display Panels. This device utilizes advanced trench IGBT technology to achieve low VCE(on) and low EPULSE rating per silicon area which improve panel efficiency. Additional features are 150°C operating junction temperature and high repetitive peak current capability. These features combine to make this IGBT a highly efficient, robust and reliable device for PDP applications.





1. Advanced Trench IGBT Technology

2. Optimized for Sustain and Energy Recovery circuits in PDP applications

3. Low VCE(on) and Energy per Pulse (EPULSE) for improved panel efficiency

4. High repetitive peak current capability

5. Lead Free package


IRG7R313U Datasheet


3TF50 Datasheet – Contactors for Hoisting Duty – Siemens

Part Number : 3TF50

Function : Contactors for Hoisting Duty

Manufactures : Siemens ( )



AC-2 operation is the typical duty for starting and switching off fully-loaded slipring motors in the starting phase. The rating of the contactor, to switch the motors, is selected primarily on the basis of rated make & break capacity and desired electrical endurance.


Selection and ordering data



Benefits and features

1. Long life

(1) “Hoisting Duty “Contactors are provided with new design of contacts (AgSnO2 instead of AgCdO) resulting in high electrical and mechanical life.

(2) They are electrically superior in taking care of excessive stresses coming on contactors during their operations in crane applications.

2. Reliability

(1) The “Hoisting Duty” Contactors have vacuum impregnated coils which are suitable for high frequency switching and high vibrations. This helps in reducing coil failures.

(2) Side mounted auxiliary contact blocks are screw mounted and not snap fitted to withstand vibrations and high frequency operation.


Technical Information

Reference PDF : 3TF50.PDF

3TF50 Datasheet