RJP63F3 Datasheet – Nch IGBT, Vces=630V – Renesas

Part Number : RJP63F3, RJP63F3DPP-M0

Function : Silicon N Channel IGBT, High Speed Power Switching

Package : TO-220FL Type

Manufacturers : Renesas Electronics


RJP63F3 igbt renesas


Description :

1. Trench gate and thin wafer technology (G6H series)

2. Low collector to emitter saturation voltage  VCE(sat)= 1.7 V typ

3. High speed switching tf = 100 ns typ

4. Low leak current  ICES= 1 μA max

5. Isolated package TO-220FL


RJP63F3 datasheet pinout


Absolute Maximum Ratings (Ta = 25°C)

1. Collector to emitter voltage : VCES = 630 V
2. Gate to emitter voltage : VGES = ±30 V
3. Collector current : IC = 40 A
4. Collector peak current : ic(peak) – 200 A
5. Collector dissipation : PC  = 30 W



RJP63F3 Datasheet


RJP63F3DPP-M0 pdf


NTC-5D9 Datasheet – 5 Ohm, NTC Thermistor – Exsense

Part Number : NTC-5D9, NTC5D-9

Function : 5 Ohm, NTC Thermistor

Manufacturers : Exsense


NTC-5D9 NTC Thermistor
General Description

PT series NTC thermistor has to be connected in series to the power source circuit to avoid the surge current at the instant when the electronic circuits are turned on. The device can effectively suppress the surge current, and its resistance and power consumption can be greatly reduced after that through the continuous effect of the current so as not to affect the normal work current. Therefore the Power NTC thermistor is the most convenient and efficient instrument to curb the surge current and protect the electronic devices from being damaged.


NTC-5D9 datasheet



1. Strong power and strong capability of surge current protection.
2. Characteristics Fast response to the rapidly surge.
3. Big material constant(B value),Small remain resistance.
4. High reliability.
5. Integral series, Extensive operating range.

NTC-5D9 Datasheet