IMX323LQN-C Datasheet – CMOS Image Sensor – Sony

Part Number : IMX323LQN-C

Function : Diagonal 6.23 mm CMOS Image Sensor with Square Pixel for Color Cameras

Manufactures : Sony, Exmor


IMX323LQN-C CMOS Image Sensor


1. CMOS active pixel type dots
2. Input clock frequency: 37.125 MHz
3. Readout mode, HD1080 p mode, HD720 p mode
4. Variable-speed shutter function (Minimum unit: One horizontal sync signal period (1XHS))
5. H driver, V driver and serial communication circuit on chip
6. DCK sync mode supported
7. CDS/PGA on chip
(1) 0 dB to 21 dB: Analog Gain 21 dB (step pitch 0.3 dB)
(2) 21.3 dB to 45 dB: Analog Gain 21 dB + Digital Gain 0.3 to 24 dB (step pitch 0.3 dB)
8. 10-bit / 12-bit A/D converter on-chip
9. CMOS logic parallel SDR Data-Clock output
10. R, G, B primary color pigment mosaic filters on chip
11. Recommended lens F value: 2.8 or more (close side)

IMX323LQN-C datasheet pinout


IMX323LQN-C Datasheet


3TF54 Datasheet – Power Contactor – Siemens

Part Number : 3TF54

Function : Power Contactor

Manufactures : Siemens


3TF54 contactor siemens


3TF54 power contactors are suitable for switching and controlling squirrel cage and slip-ring motors as well as other AC loads, such as solenoids, capacitors, lighting loads, heating loads and transformer loads

Selection and ordering data

3TF54 datasheet


High performance

1. No duration upto 55°C
Contactors are suitable for operation in service temperature up to 55°C without derating. This avoids selection of higher rated contactor, thereby reducing cost.

2. Long Life
Superior design of current carrying parts, contact system and the magnet system increases the reliability results into higher electrical and mechanical endurance.

3. High short-time rating
Contactors have a high short-time rating, which makes them suitable for applications having high starting currents and long run-up times.


3TF54 Datasheet