HEF4053BT Datasheet – Multiplexer / Demultiplexer – Philips

Part Number : HEF4053BT, HEF4053BP, HEF4053BTT

Description : Triple 2-channel analogue multiplexer/demultiplexer

Package : SO16, DIP16, TSSOP16 type

Manufactures : Philips Semiconductors


HEF4053BT multiplexer demultiplexer


The HEF4053BT is a triple 2-channel analogue multiplexer/demultiplexer with a common enable input (E). Each multiplexer/demultiplexer has two independent inputs/outputs (Y0 and Y1), a common input/output (Z), and select inputs (Sn). Each also contains two-bidirectional analogue switches, each with one side connected to an independent input/output (Y0 and Y1) and the other side connected to a common input/output (Z).


HEF4053BT datasheet pinout

Some examples of applications for the HEF4053BT are:

1. Analogue multiplexing and demultiplexing.
2. Digital multiplexing and demultiplexing.
3. Signal gating.


HEF4053BT Datasheet


ICE3BR0665J Datasheet – 650V, Off-Line SMPS Current Mode Controller

Part Number : ICE3BR0665J, ICE3BRO665J

Function : Off-Line SMPS Current Mode Controller

Package : PG-DIP-8 Type

Manufactures : Infineon Technologies AG


ICE3BR0665J 650V coolMOS Controller


The CoolSET®-F3R jitter series (ICE3BR0665J) is the latest version of CoolSET®-F3. It targets for the Off-Line battery adapters and low cost SMPS for lower power range such as application for DVD R/W, DVD Combi, Blue ray DVD player, set top box, etc. Besides inherited the outstanding performance of the CoolSET®-F3 in the BiCMOS technology, active burst mode, auto-restart protection, propagation delay compensation, etc., CoolSET®-F3R series has some new features such as built-in soft start time, built-in blanking window, built-in frequency jitter, soft gate driving, etc. In case a longer blanking time is needed for high load application, a simple addition of capacitor to BA pin can serve the purpose. Furthermore, an external auto-restart enable feature can provide extra protection when there is a need of immediate stop of power switching.



ICE3BR0665J datasheet pinout



1. 650V avalanche rugged CoolMOS® with built-in Startup Cell
2. Active Burst Mode for lowest Standby Power
3. Fast load jump response in Active Burst Mode
4. 65kHz internally fixed switching frequency
5. Auto Restart Protection Mode for Overload, Open Loop, VCC Undervoltage, Overtemperature & Overvoltage
6. Built-in Soft Start
7. Built-in blanking window with extendable blanking time for short duration high current
8. External auto-restart enable pin


ICE3BR0665J Datasheet