SDC606 Datasheet – Current Mode PWM Controller

Part Number : SDC606, SDC606G

Function : Current Mode PWM Controller

Package : DIP 8 Pin

Manufactures : Shaoxing Devechip Microelectronics

Images :

SDC606 datasheet controller

Description :

SDC606 is a high-performance current mode control IC designed for AC/DC convertor, which supplies about continuous 12W output power at the universal AC input range from 85V to 265V


SDC606 pinout


1. Built-in oscillator
2. Built-in high voltage power transistor of 700V
3. High voltage start-up
4. Very low start-up and operating current
5. Low standby power consumption
6. Protections: OVP, UVLO, SCP, OLP and OTP
7. Built-in high precise current limit with temperature compensation
8. 12W and peak 15W output power at the universal AC input range
9. 15W and peak 18W output power at AC input 220V
10. Very few external components […]



1. Portable rechargeable power supply
2. Appliance controller power supply
3. Adaptor/charger for cell and other portable apparatus
4. DVD/DVB power supply, ATX standby power supply


PWM control

The peak current (sensed on the IS pin) is set by the voltage on FB pin. By comparing the voltage on FB pin and the IS ramp voltage, the duty-cycle of the PWM modulator is thus adjusted to provide the necessary load current at the desired output voltage. FB can be controlled by internal control circuit and external feedback circuit.

SDC606 Datasheet

NTP-8230 PDF – Full Digital Audio Amplifier

Part Number : NTP-8230, NTP8230

Function : Power Driver Integrated Full Digital Audio Amplifier

Package : MLP 48 Pin, 7 x 7mm

Manufactures : NeoFidelity

Images :

NTP-8230 datasheet

Description :

The device is a single chip full digital audio amplifier including power stage for stereo amplifier system. NTP-8230 is integrated with versatile digital audio signal processing functions, highperformance, high-fidelity fully digital PWM modulator, a stereo headphone amplifier and two
high-power full-bridge MOSFET power stages. The NTP-8230 receives digital serial audio data
with sampling frequency from 8kHz through 192kHz. It delivers 2 x 30 watts in stereo mode
without heat sink.


NTP-8230 pinout

The NTP-8230 has a mixer and Bi-Quad filters which can be used to implement the essential
audio signal processing functions like loudness control, compensation of a loud speaker response
and parametric equalization.  All the functions of the NTP-8230 can be controlled by internal register values via I2C host interface bus. […]


Block Diagram

NTP-8230 block diagram

1. 2 CH Stereo (30W x 2 @28V,8Ω)
2. 2.1 channel (10W x 2 + 25W @24V,8Ω)
3. Wide Operating Supply Voltage Range (7V to 28V)
4. Floating Point Operation
5. 25 Programmable Bi-Quad Filters
6. Speaker Compensation
8. Parametric Equalizer
9. Loudness Control
10. 100dB Dynamic Range
11. 2 Band Dynamic Range Control
12. 5 Band Graphic Equalizer
13. 3D Surround

NTP-8230 Datasheet