1N4937 Datasheet – 600V, Rectifier Diode

Part Number : 1N4937

Function : 1A, 600V, Fast Switching Plastic Rectifier

Pacakge : DO-204AL ( DO-41 ) Type

Manufacturers : Vishay


1N4937 diode rectifier

Mechanical Data

1. Case : DO-204AL, molded epoxy body Molding compound meets UL 94 V-0 flammability rating
Base P/N-E3 – RoHS-compliant, commercial grade
2. Terminals: Matte tin plated leads.
3. Polarity: Color band denotes cathode end


1N4937 datasheet pinout


1. Fast switching for high efficiency
2. Low forward voltage drop
3. Low leakage current
4. High forward surge capability
5. Solder dip 275 °C max. 10 s, per JESD 22-B106


Typical Applications

For use in fast switching rectification of power supply, inverters, converters and freewheeling diodes for consumer and telecommunication.

1N4937 Datasheet PDF Download

SVF13N50F Datasheet – N-ch, 13A, 500V MOSFET

Part Number : SVF13N50F, SVF13N50T, SVF13N50PN

Function : 13A, 500V, N-Channel MOSFET ( Enhanced Field Effect Transistor )

Pacakge : TO 220F-3L Type

Manufacturers : Silan


SVF13N50F MOSFET Transistor

The SVF13N50F N-Channel Enhanced High-Voltage Power MOS Field Effect Transistor is fabricated using SL’s F-CellTM planar high-voltage VDMOS process technology. The advanced process and strip cell design make the product have low conduction resistance, superior switching performance and high avalanche breakdown resistance. This product can be widely used in AC-DC switching power supply, DC-DC power converter, high voltage H-bridge PWM motor drive.


SVF13N50F datasheet pinout


1. 13A, 500V, RDS (ON) (typical) = 0.44 Ω @ VGS = 10V
2. Low gate charge
3. Low reverse transfer capacitance
4. Fast switching
5. Improved dv/dt capabilities


SVF13N50F Datasheet PDF Download