ICL7106 Datasheet – A/D Converter – Maxim IC

Part Number : ICL7106

Function :A/D converter

Package : PDIP 40, PLCC 44 Pin

Manufacturers : Maxim Integrated

Pinouts :

ICL7106 datasheet


Description :

The Maxim ICL7106/ICL7107 are monolithic analog-to digital converters (ADCs). They have very high input impedances and require no external display drive circuitry. On-board active components include polarity and digit drivers, segment decoders, voltage reference and a clock circuit. The ICL7106 will directly drive a nonmulti plexed liquid crystal display (LCD), whereas the ICL7107 will directly drive a common anode light emitting diode (LED) display.


1. Guaranteed First Reading Recovery from Overrange
2. High-Impedance CMOS Differential Inputs
3. Clock and Reference On-Chip
4. True Differential Reference and Input
5. True Polarity Indication for Precision Null Applications

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ICL7106 Datasheet

ICL7106 pdf


2SC1034 Datasheet – 1100V, NPN Transistor – SONY

Part Number : 2SC1034

Function : NPN Power Transistor

Package : TO-66 Type


Pinouts :

2SC1034 datasheet


Description :

Absolute maximum ratings

1. Collector-base voltage : Vcbo = 1100 V
2. Emitter-base voltage : Vebo = 13 V
3. Collector current : Ic = 1 A
4. Collector power dissipation : Pc = 25 W


For horizontal deflection output applications


Other data sheets within the file : C1034

2SC1034 Datasheet PDF

2SC1034 pdf