ISD5008ZD Datasheet PDF – Voice Record / Playback Device

Part Number : ISD5008ZD

Function : Single-Chip Voice Record / Playback Device

Package : 28-Pin TSOP, 28-Pin Type

Manufacturers : Winbond, ISD, Nuvoton

Pinouts :
ISD5008ZD datasheet

Description :

The ISD5008ZD ChipCorder product is a 3V fully-integrated, single-chip solution which provides seamless
integration of enhanced voice record and playback features for digital cellular phones (GSM, CDMA,
TDMA, PDC, and PHS), automotive communications, GPS/navigation systems, and portable
communication products. This low-power, 3-volt device enables customers to quickly and easily
integrate 4 to 8 minutes of voice storage features such as one-way or two-way (full duplex) call record,
voice memo record, and call screening/answering machine functionality.


1. Fully-Integrated Solution
(1) Single-chip voice record/playback solution
(2) Integrated sampling clock, anti-aliasing and smoothing filters, and MLS array
(3) Integrated analog features such as automatic gain control (AGC), audio gating switches, speaker driver, summing amplifiers, volume control, and AUX IN/AUX OUT interface (e.g., for car kits)


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ISD5008ZD Datasheet PDF Download

ISD5008ZD pdf

MC33063A Datasheet – 1.5A, Inverting Regulator, Switching

Part Number : MC33063A

Function : 1.5 A, Step-Up Down Inverting Switching Regulator

Package : SOIC-8 Pin, PDIP-8, DFN8 Pin

Manufacturers : ON Semiconductor

MC33063A regulator

Description :

The MC34063A Series is a monolithic control circuit containing the primary functions required for DC−to−DC converters. These devices consist of an internal temperature compensated reference, comparator, controlled duty cycle oscillator with an active current limit circuit, driver and high current output switch. This series was specifically designed to be incorporated in Step−Down and Step−Up and Voltage−Inverting applications with a minimum number of external components. Refer to Application Notes AN920A/D and AN954/D for additional design information.

Pinouts :

MC33063A datasheet


1. Operation from 3.0 V to 40 V Input
2. Low Standby Current
3. Current Limiting
4. Output Switch Current to 1.5 A
5. Output Voltage Adjustable
6. Frequency Operation to 100 kHz
7. Precision 2% Reference
8. Pb−Free Packages are Available

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MC33063A Datasheet PDF Download

MC33063A pdf