RJP30E4 Datasheet – 360V, 35A, IGBT, TO-263 Type

Part Number : RJP30E4, RJP30E4DPE

Function : Si-N IGBT, 360V, 35A, (200App) 75W Tf

Image : TO-263 Package

Manufacturers : Panasonic, Renesas



Description : High Speed Power Switching

RJP30E4 TRANSISTOR, B1JBEN000002 Transistor

1. Drain-Source Voltage (VCES) : 360 V
2. Collector Current (IC) ; 40 A
3. Collector Current Pulsed (IC(peak)) : 250A
4. Gate-Emitter Voltage (VGES) : +-30V
5. Power Dissipation (PD) : 30 W

RJP30E4 Datasheet

Reference Datasheet PDF RJP30E3


B1JBEN000002 Datasheet

B1JBEN000002 pinout

B1JBEN000002 pdf

RJP30E3DPP-M0 Datasheet

RJP30E2DPK-M0 Datasheet

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H26M11001BAR Datasheet PDF – 1GB e-NAND Memory

Part Number : H26M11001BAR

Function : 1GB e-NAND Memory

Package :  169-FBGA (12x16x1.3) Type

Manufactures : Hynix


H26M11001BAR datasheet


The Hynix e-NAND Module is a very small, flash storage device, designed specifically for storage applications that put a premium on small form factor, low power and low cost. Flash is the ideal storage medium for portable, battery-powered devices. It features lowpower consumption and is non-volatile, requiring no power to maintain the stored data. It also has a wide operating range for temperature, shock and vibration.e-NAND is well-suited to meet the needs of small, low power, electronic devices. e-NAND is expected to be used in a wide variety of portable devices like mobile
phones, PMP, Smart phones, PDA, Media Players and etc.


H26M11001BAR pinout


1. JEDEC JESD84 V4.3 compatible
2. Backward compatible with earlier JESD84
3. Maximum data rate with up to 52MB/sec interface speed ( using 8 parallel data lines )
4. e-NAND supported clock frequencies 0~20MHz, 0~26MHz, 0~52MHz
5. e-NAND support for three different data bus width modes: 1bit(default), 4bit and 8 bit
6. Correction of memory field errors
7. Simple erase mechanism
8. Password Protection of e-NAND

Other data sheets within the file : H26M11001

H26M11001BAR Datasheet PDF

H26M11001BAR pdf