DG302 Datasheet – 330V, 250A, IGBT – Panasonic

This is one of the IGBT types.

This part name is DG302.

This product has 330V IGBT, Ultra-Fast Power Transistor functions.

The pacakge is TO-220C-G2.

Manufacturers of product is Panasonic.

Image : DG302 igbt transistor

DG3C301 ( DG3C3010CL ) marking DG301.
DG3C302 ( DG3C3020CL ) marking DG302.

VCES 330(V), IC 45 (A) , ICP(A) 250A, VCE(sat) 1.3v, tf 240 ns

DG3C302 DG3C3020CL DG302 IGBT

Some of the text files within the PDF file :

PDP Panel Control Unit

IGBTs for driving PDPs that respond to the high-speed switching characteristics and low loss characteristics demands that accompany reduced power consumption and higher video quality. We have achieved the ideal IGBTs for driving PDPs by taking full advantage of the IGBT characteristic of low power loss in the high current region compared to power MOSFETs.

DG3C302 Datasheet, DG301 Datasheet

Points on Appeal (Features)

1. Can control high currents.
2. Heat generation during circuit operation is minimized through high-speed switching and low VCE(sat) characteristics


DG302 Datasheet

DG3C3020CL pdf

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LT1043C Datasheet – Dual Precision Instrumentation

Part Number : LT1043C

Function : Dual Precision Instrumentation Switched-Capacitor Building Block

Package : DIP 18 Pin

Manufactures : Linear Technology

Pinout :

LT1043C Datasheet

Description :

The LTC1043 is a monolithic, charge-balanced, dual switched-capacitor instrumentation builing block.
A pair of switches alternately connects an external capacitor to an input voltage and then connencts the charged capacitor across an output port. The internal switches have a break-before-make action.


1. Instrumentation Front End with 120dB CMRR
2. Precise, Charge-Balanced Switching
3. Operates from 3V to 18V
4. Internal or External Clock
5. Operates up to 5MHz Clock Rate
6. Low Power
7. Two Independent Sections with One Clock


1. Precision Instrumentation Amplfiers
2. V-F and F-V Converters
3. Sample and Hold
4. Switched-Capacitor Filters

Other data sheets within the file : LT1043, LTC1043CN, LTC1043CSW, LTC1043MD

LT1043C Datasheet


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