SCH1433 Datasheet PDF – 20V, 3.5A, N-Ch, Power MOSFET

Part Number : SCH1433

Function : N-Channel Power MOSFET, 20V, 3.5A 64mOhm, Single SCH6

Package : SOP 6 Pin Type

Manufacturers : ON Semiconductor


SCH1433 datasheet


This low-profile high-power MOSFET is produced using ON Semiconductor’s trench technology, which is specifically designed to minimize gate charge and ultra low on resistance. The device is suitable for applications with low gate charge driving or ultra low on resistance requirements.

Pinouts :

SCH1433 datasheet

Absolute Maximum Ratings ( Ta=25°C )

1. Drain to source voltage : Vdss = 20 V
2. Gate to source voltage : Vgss = ± 10 V
3. Drain Current (DC) : Id = 3.5 A
4. Drain Current (Pulse) : Idp = 14 A
5. Allowable Power Dissipation : Pd = 0.8 W


1. Low On-resistance
2. Low capacitance
3. 1.8V drive
4. Halogen free comliance
5. Protection Diode in, SOT-563 type, 5000pcs/reel

Other data sheets within the file : SCH1433-TL-H


SCH1433 Datasheet PDF Download

SCH1433 pdf

LM310J Datasheet PDF – Voltage Follower

Part Number : LM310J

Function : Voltage follower

Package : DIP 14 Pin

Manufacturers : National ->Texas Instruments

Image :

LM310J datasheet

Description :

The LM310 series are monolithic operational amplifiers internally connected as unity-gain non-inverting amplifiers. They use super-gain transistors in the input stage to get low bias current without sacrificing speed. Directly interchangeable with 101, 741 and 709 in voltage follower applications, these devices have internal frequency compensation and provision for offset balancing.


LM310J pinout


1. Input current : 10 nA max over temperature
2. Small signal bandwidth : 20 MHz
3. Slew rate : 30 V/ms
4. Supply voltage range : ±5V to ±18V

Acquired by Texas Instruments on September 23rd, 2011.

Other data sheets within the file : LM110H, LM110H/883, LM110J, LM110J-8/883, LM110J/883

LM310J Datasheet PDF Download

LM310J pdf