2026 Datasheet PDF – Broad band coupler

Part Number : 2026

Function : Directional Couplers, Ultra-Broadband

Manufacturers : Tyco Electronics, MACOM

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2026 datasheet


Description :

These compact broad band couplers operate over frequency bandwidths of 12 to 1 up to 36 to 1. Each coupler is constructed in a rugged aluminum housing with Stripline circuitry. The input, output and coupled output ports are stainless steel SMA connectors.

The isolated port is terminated with a non-removable precision 50 ohm termination. Custom variations of these designs to specific requirements can also be produced.

Other data sheets within the file : 2026-6001-10, 2026-6003-20, 2026-6004-10, 2026-6006-20

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