24C02 PDF Datasheet – 2Kbit, SERIAL CMOS EEPROM

Part Number: 24C02 ( 24C01 Thru 24C16 )

Function: 2Kbit Serial I²C bus EEPROM

Package: DIP 8 Pin, SO 8, TSSOP 8 pin Type

Manufacturer: ST,  ISSI

Block Diagram



This is 2Kbit Serial I²C bus EEPROM.

IS24C01 IS24C02 IS24C04 IS24C08 IS24C16 1K-bit/2K-bit/4K-bit/8K-bit/16K-bit 2-WIRE SERIAL CMOS EEPROM


• Low Power CMOS Technology –Standby Current less than 8 µA (5.5V) –Read Current (typical) less than 1 mA (5.5V) –Write Current (typical) less than 3 mA (5.5V) • Flexible Voltage Operation –Vcc = 1.8V to 5.5V for –2 version –Vcc = 2.5V to 5.5V for –3 version • 400 KHz (I2C Protocol) Compatibility • Hardware Data Protection –Write Protect Pin • Sequential Read Feature • Filtered Inputs for Noise Suppression • 8-pin PDIP and 8-pin SOIC packages • 8-pin TSSOP (1K,2K, 4K & 8K only) • 8-pin MSOP (1K,2K only) • Self time write cycle with auto clear 5 ms @ 2.5V • Organization: –IS24C01 128×8 (one block of 128 bytes) –IS24C02 256×8 (one block of 256 bytes) –IS24C04 512×8 (two blocks of 256 bytes) –IS24C08 1024×8 (four blocks of 256 bytes) –IS24C16 2048×8 (eight blocks of 256 bytes) • Page Write Buffer • Two-Wire Serial Interface –Bi-directional data transfer protocol • High Reliability –Endurance: 1,000,000 Cycles –Data Retention: 100 Years • Commercial, Industrial and Automotive temperature ranges ISSI APRIL 2002 ® Description The IS24CXX (refers to IS24C01, IS24C02, IS24C04, IS24C08, IS24C16) family is a low-cost and low voltage 2wire Serial EEPROM. It is fabricated using ISSI’s advanced CMOS EEPROM technology and provides a low power and low voltage operation. The IS24CXX family features a write protection feature, and is available in 8-pin DIP and 8-pin SOIC packages. The IS24C01 is a 1K-bit EEPROM; IS24C02 is a 2K-bit EEPROM; IS24C04 is a 4K-bit EEPROM; IS24C08 is a 8Kbit EEPROM; IS24C16 is a 16K-bit EEPROM. The IS24C01 and IS24C02 are available in 8-pin MSOP package. The IS24C01, IS24C02, IS24C04, and IS24C08 are available in 8-Pin TSSOP package. Automotive data is preliminary. Copyright © 2002 Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc. All rights reserved. ISSI reserves the right to make changes to this specification and its products at any time without notice. ISSI assumes no liability arising out of the application or use of any information, products or services described herein. Customers are advised to obtain the latest version of this device specification before relying on any published information and before placing orders for products. Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc. — www.issi.com — 1-800-379-4774 Rev. D 06/25/02 1 IS24C01 IS24C02 IS24C04 IS24C08 IS24C16 ISSI ® FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM Vcc 8 HIGH VOLTAGE GENERATOR, TIMING & CONTROL SDA SCL WP 5 7 X DECODER 6 CONTROL LOGIC SLAVE ADDRESS REGISTER & COMPARATOR WORD ADDRESS COUNTER EEPROM ARRAY Y DECODER GND 4 ACK Clock DI/O > nMOS DATA REGISTER 2 Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc. — www.issi.com — 1-800-379-4774 Rev. D 06/25/02 IS24C01 IS24C02 IS24C04 IS24C08 IS24C16 ISSI ® PIN CONFIGURATION 8-Pin DIP and SOIC 8 […]

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24C02 Datasheet