24C02WP Datasheet PDF – 2K (256 x 8) EEPROM – ST

This is one of the semiconductor types.

This part name is 24C02WP.

This product has SERIAL 2K (256 x 8) EEPROM functions.

Manufacturers of product is STMicroelectronics.

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Image :
24C02WP datasheet

Description :

This specification covers a range of 2K bits I2C bus EEPROM products, the ST24/25C02, the ST24C02R and ST24/25W02. In the text, products are referred to as ST24/25×02, where “x” is: “C” for Standard version and “W” for hardware Write Control version.

The ST24/25×02 are 2K bit electrically erasable programmable memories (EEPROM), organized as 256 x 8 bits. They are manufactured in SGS THOMSON’s Hi-Endurance Advanced CMOS technology which guarantees an endurance of one million erase/write cycles with a data retention of 40 years. The memories operate with a power supply value as low as 1.8V for the ST24C02R only.

Both Plastic Dual-in-Line and Plastic Small Outline packages are available.

Reference PDF : http://asuka.fi/u/jpaalija/tmp/M24C02_datasheet.pdf

24C02WP Datasheet PDF

24C02WP pdf
Other data sheets within the file : 24C02WP, 24CO2WP, ST24C02, ST24C02R, ST24W02

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