24FC65 Datasheet – 64K, 5.0V, 1MHz, I2C smart EEPROM

Part Number : 24FC65

Function : 64K, 5.0V, 1MHz, I2C smart EEPROM

Manufacturers : Microchip Technology

Pinouts :

24FC65 datasheet

Description :

The Microchip Technology Inc. 24FC65 is a “smart” 8K 8x 8 Serial Electrically Erasable PROM (EEPROM) with a high-speed 1MHz SE2.bus whose protocol is functionally equivalent to the industry-standard I2C bus.

This device has been developed for advanced applications such as personal communications, and provides the systems designer with flexibility through the use of many new user-programmable features. The 24FC65 offers a relocatable 4K-bit block of ultra-high-endurance memory for data that changes frequently. The remainder of the array, or 60K bits, is rated at 1,000,000 ERASE/WRITE (E/W) cycles guaranteed. The 24FC65 features an input cache for fast write loads with a capacity of eight pages, or 64 bytes. This device also features programmable security options for E/W protection of critical data and/or code of up to fifteen 4K blocks.

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