24RF08C Datasheet PDF – Asset Identification EEPROM

Part Number: 24RF08C

Function: Asset Identification EEPROM

Package: SOIC 8 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Atmel Corporation


24RF08C datasheet



The 24RF08C functions as a dual access EEPROM, with both a wired serial port and a wireless RFID port used to access the memory. Access permissions are set from the serial interface side to isolate blocks of memory from improper access. The RFID interface can be powered solely from the attached coil permitting remote reads and writes of the device when VCC is not applied.


1. Dual-port Nonvolatile Memory – RFID and Serial Interfaces

2. Two-wire Serial Interface :
(1) Compatible with a Standard AT24C08 Serial EEPROM
(2) Programmable Access Protection to Limit Reads or Writes from Either Port
(3) Lock/Unlock Function, Coil Connection Detection

3. Highly-reliable EEPROM Memory

Other data sheets are available within the file: AT24RF08C, 24RF08,

24RF08CN, AT24RF08CN-10SC


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24RF08C pdf