28F256 Datasheet PDF – 256K, CMOS Flash Memory

Part Number: 28F256

Function: 256K (32K X 8) CMOS FLASH MEMORY

Package: DIP 32 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Intel


28F256 datasheet



This is 256K (32K X 8) CMOS Flash Memory.

Intel’s 28F256 CMOS flash-memory offers the most cost-effective and reliable alternative for updatable non-volatile memory. The device adds eletrical chip-erasure and reprogramming to familiar EPROM technoloty.



1. Flash Electrical Chip-Erase : 1 Second Typical Chip-Erase, 12.0Vpp Supply

2. Quick-Pluse Programming Algrorithm

3. 100 Min Erase / Program Cycles

4. Low Power consumption

(1) 100 μA Maximum Standby Current

Other data sheets are available within the file:

D28F256-170P1C2, D28F256-170P1C4, D28F256-200P1C2, D28F256-200P1C4


28F256 Datasheet PDF Download

28F256 pdf

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