2N04H4 PDF Datasheet – 40V, 80A, N-Ch, MOSFET

This post explains for the semiconductor 2N04H4.

The Part Number is SPI80N04S2-H4, SPP80N04S2-H4, SPB80N04S2-H.

The function of this semiconductor is MOSFET ( OptiMOS Power-Transistor).

Manufacturer: Infineon Technologies

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This is OptiMOS Power-Transistor.

Feature :

• N-Channel • Enhancement mode • 175°C operating temperature • Avalanche rated • dv/dt rated

Product Summary :

VDS 40 V RDS(on) 4 mΩ ID 80 A P- TO263 -3-2 P- TO220 -3-1 Type SPP80N04S2-H4 SPB80N04S2-H4 SPI80N04S2-H4 Package Ordering Code P- TO220 -3-1 Q67060-S6014 P- TO263 -3-2 Q67060-S6013 P- TO262 -3-1 Q67060-S6014 Marking 2N04H4 2N04H4 2N04H4 Maximum Ratings, at Tj = 25 °C, unless otherwise specified Parameter Symbol Continuous drain current 1) TC=25°C ID Pulsed drain current TC=25°C Avalanche energy, single pulse ID=80 A , VDD=25V, RGS=25Ω Repetitive avalanche energy, limited by Tjmax2) Reverse diode dv/dt IS=80A, VDS=32V, di/dt=200A/µs, Tjmax=175°C Gate source voltage Power dissipation TC=25°C Operating and storage temperature IEC climatic category; DIN IEC 68-1 ID puls EAS EAR dv/dt VGS Ptot Tj , Tstg Value 80 80 320 660 25 6 ±20 300 -55… +175 5 […]


2N04H4 Datasheet