2SK1007 – N-Channel MOSFET Transistor

Part Number : 2SK1007

Function : N-Channel MOSFET Transistor

Manufactures : Inchange Semiconductor

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INCHANGE Semiconductor isc N-Channel MOSFET Transistor isc Product Specification 2SK1007 Description ·Drain Current –ID=5A@ TC=25℃ ·Drain Source Voltage- : VDSS= 450V(Min) Applications ·Designed for high voltage, high speed power switching applications such as switching regulators, converters, solenoid and relay drivers. ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS(Ta=25℃) SYMBOL ARAMETER VALUE UNIT VDSS VGS ID Ptot Tj Tstg Drain-Source Voltage (VGS=0) 450 V Gate-Source Voltage ±30 V Drain Current-continuous@ TC=25℃ 5 A Total Dissipation@TC=25℃ 60 W Max. Operating Junction Temperature 150 ℃ Storage Temperature Range -55~150 ℃ THERMAL CHARACTERISTICS SYMBOL PARAMETER MAX UNIT Rth j-c Rth j-a Thermal Resistance,Junction to Case 2.08 Thermal Resistance,Junction to Ambient 75 ℃/W ℃/W isc website:www.iscsemi.cn 1 isc & iscsemi is registered trademark PDF pdfFactory Pro www.fineprint.cn INCHANGE Semiconductor isc N-Channel Mosfet Transistor isc Product Specification 2SK1007 ·ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (TC=25℃) SYMBOL PARAMETER CONDITIONS V(BR)DSS Drain-Source Breakdown Voltage VGS= 0; ID= 1mA VGS(th) Gate Threshold Voltage VDS= VGS; ID=1mA RDS(on) Drain-Source On-stage Resistance VGS=10V; ID= 2.5A IGSS Gate Source Leakage Current VGS= ±30V;VDS= 0 IDSS Zero Gate Voltage Drain Current VDS= 450V; VGS= 0 VSD Forward On-Voltage IS=5A; VGS=0 tr Rise time ton Turn-on time tf Fall time VGS=10V;ID=10A; RL=25Ω toff Turn-off time MIN TYP. MAX UNIT 450 V 2.5 3.5 5.0 V 1.1 1.6 Ω ±100 nA 500 uA 1.0 1.5 V 50 80 ns 60 95 ns 50 80 ns 130 200 ns isc website:www.iscsemi.cn 2 isc & iscsemi is registered trademark PDF pdfFactory Pro www.fineprint.cn […]

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2SK1007 Datasheet

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