2N3055 Datasheet PDF – NPN Complementary power transistors

Part Number : 2N3055

Function : Complementary power transistors

Package : TO-3 Type

Manufacturers : STMicroelectronics
2N3055 Image


The devices are manufactured in planar technology with “base island” layout and are
suitable for audio, power linear and switching applications.

The 2N3055 was designed for medium-current and high-power circuits. Commercially, it was used in many linear power supplies, audio amplifiers and low frequency power converters. It was second sourced by other manufacturers; Texas Instruments listed a single-diffused mesa version of the device in an August 1967 datasheet.One limitation was that its frequency response was rather low (typically the unity-gain frequency was 1 MHz).

2N3055 Pinout image


1. Low collector-emitter saturation voltage
2. Complementary NPN – PNP transistors


2N3055 Datasheet

2N3055 Datasheet PDF

2N3055 pdf
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