2SA1962 Datasheet PDF – PNP Transistor – Fairchild

Part Number : 2SA1962, FJA4213

Function : PNP Epitaxial Silicon Transistor

Package : TO-3P Type

Manufacturers : Fairchild Semiconductor

Pinouts :

2SA1962 datasheet


Description :

1. High Current Capability: IC= -15A
2. High Power Dissipation : 130watts
3. High Frequency : 30MHz.
4. High Voltage : VCEO= -230V
5. Wide S.O.A for reliable operation.
6. Excellent Gain Linearity for low THD.


1. High-Fidelity Audio Output Amplifier
2. General Purpose Power Amplifier

Other data sheets within the file : 2SA1962OTU, 2SA1962RTU, A1962, A1962O

2SA1962 Datasheet PDF Download

2SA1962 pdf

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