2SC1093 Datasheet – NPN, Transistor, SHUNT REGULATOR

Part Number : 2SC1093

Correct Part Number : uPC1093


Manufacturers : NEC => Renesas Technology

Image :
2SC1093 image

Description :

The µPC1093 are adjustable precision shunt regulators with guaranteed thermal stability.

The output voltage can be set to any value between reference voltage (2.495 V) and 36 V by two external resistors.

These ICs can apply to error amplifier of switching regulators.

2SC1093 Datasheet

µPC1093J 3-pin plastic SIP (TO-92)
µPC1093G 8-pin plastic SOP (225 mil)
µPC1093T Power mini mold (SOT-89)
µPC1093TA 5-pin plastic mini mold (SC-74A)

2SC1093 Datasheet PDF
C1093 pdf

Other data sheets within the file : C1093, C1093G, C1093J, C1093T