2SC1173 Transistor – NPN TR, ( Datasheet PDF )

2SC1173 is a kinf of transistor.

This function of the transistor is silicon power transistor

Package : TO-220 type

Manufacturers : Toshiba, ISC, SavantIC Semiconductor

Image and pinouts :

2SC1173 datasheet


Description :

1. Low Collector Saturation Voltage

2. Complement to Type 2SA473

3. 100% avalanche tested

4. Minimum Lot-to-Lot variations for robust device

5. performance and reliable operation

6. With TO-220 package

7. Complement to type 2SA473

8. Collector current : Ic =3A

9. Low frequency power amplifier

10. Power regulator

C1173 transistor



1. Power amplifier applications

2. ·Car radio,car stereo output stage amplifier a

Other data sheets within the file : C1173

2SC1173 Datasheet PDF Download

2SC1173 pdf