2SC1971 Datasheet PDF – RF Power Amplifier – Mitsubishi

Part Number : 2SC1971

Function : RF Power Transistor / NPN Epitaxail Planar Type

Package : TO220 Type, TO-30E



2SC1971 datasheet RF Power Amplifier

Description :

2SC1971 is a silicon NPN epitaxail planar type transistor designed for RF Power Amplifiers on VHF band mobile radio applications.

Pinouts :
2SC1971 pinout


1. Emitter ballasted construction, gold metallization for high reliability and good performances.

2. TO-220 package similar is combinient for mounting.

3. High power gain : Gpe > 10 dB

4. Ability of withstanding more than 20:1 load VSWR



4 to 5 watts output power amplifiers in VHF band applications.


Absolute Maximum Ratings

1. Collector to base voltage : Vcbo = 35 V
2. Emitter to base voltage : Vebo = 4 V
3. Collector to emitter voltage : Vceo = 17 V
4. Collector current : Ic = 2 A


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2SC1971 pdf

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