2YL6 Datasheet PDF – Lithium Battery Charger IC

Part Number: LN2054Y42AMR, LN2054Y42, LN2054

Marking : 2YL6

Function: Independent linear lithium battery charger

Package: SOT23-5 Type

Manufacturer: ShenZhen Income, Natlinear


2YL6 datasheet



The 2YL6 is a complete constant-current /constant-voltage linear charger for single cell lithium-ion batteries.

The complete single-cell lithium-ion battery Linear constant current charging IC. It uses minimal SOT-23-5 package, only low external element Pieces, so that it can truly apply to portable applications.
And, is specifically designed for USB power characteristics Meter. Meanwhile, also as an independent line Lithium-ion battery charger.

Application Circuits :


1. Programmable Charge Current Up to 500mA

2. No MOSFET, Sense Resistor or Blocking Diode Required

3. Complete Linear Charger in ThinSOT Package for single Cell Lithium-Ion Batteries

Other data sheets are available within the file:

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