303URA120P Datasheet PDF – 1200V, 300A, Diode, Rectifier

Part Number : 303URA120P

Function : 1200V, 300A, STANDARD RECOVERY DIODE ( Top Threaded version )

Manufacturers : International Rectifier

Image and Pinouts :

303URA120P datasheet


Description :

This is 300A, 1200V, Recovery Diode, Rectifier.

Features :

1. Wide current range

2. High voltage ratings up to 2500V

3. High surge current capabilities

4. Stud cathode and stud anode version

Typical Applications :

1. Converters

2. Power supplies

3. Machine tool controls

4. High power drives

5. Medium traction applications

Other data sheets within the file :

301U120P2, 301U120P3, 301U120P4, 301U120P5, 301U160P2


303URA120P Datasheet PDF Download

303URA120P pdf

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