30F132 Datasheet PDF – 360V, IGBT, TO220-SM – Toshiba

Part Number : 30F132

Function : 360V, 250A, IGBT

Package : TO-263, TO-220SM(MXN) Type

Manufactures : Toshiba


30F132 IGBT


IGBTs combine the MOSFET advantage of high input impedance with the bipolar transistor advantage of high-voltage drive. The conductivity modulation characteristics of a bipolar transistor make it ideal for load control applications that require high breakdown voltage and high current. Toshiba offers a family of fast switching IGBTs, which are low in carrier injection and recombination in carrier.

30F132 Toshiba


1. IGBTs also featuring fast switching
2. Low collector-emitter saturation voltage even in the large current area
3. IGBTs featuring a built-in diode with optimal characteristics tailored to specific applications
4. High input impedance allows voltage drives
5. Available in a variety of packages


30F132 pinout

Applications :

PDP sustain, energy recovery and separation circuits

Other data sheets within the file : GT30F132

30F132 Datasheet PDF

30F132 pdf