This post explains for the LCD TV 32LH70YR.

The Part Number is 32LH70YR-TA.

The function of this manual is LCD TV SERVICE.

Manufacturers : LG

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Description :

4.1. General Specification

1. Application range
This spec sheet is applied to LCD TV used LP91D chassis.

2. Specification

Each part is tested as below without special appointment.
1) Temperature : 25±5ºC (77±9ºF), CST : 40±5ºC
2) Relative Humidity : 65±10%
3) Power Voltage : Standard input voltage(100~240V@50/60Hz)
* Standard Voltage of each products is marked by models.
4) Specification and performance of each parts are followed
each drawing and specification by part number in
accordance with BOM.
5) The receiver must be operated for about 5 minutes prior to
the adjustment.

3. Item

1) Screen Size 32” wide Color Display Module Resolution : 1920*1080
2) Aspect Ratio : 16:9
3) LCD Module : 32” TFT WUXGA LCD


32LH70YR-TA Datasheet