3BR1065JF Datasheet – ICE3BR1065JF

This post explains for the semiconductor 3BR1065JF.

The Part Number is 3BR1065JF.

The function of this semiconductor is ICE3BR1065JF.

Manufacturers : Infineon Technologies

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Description :

V e r s i o n 2 .0 , 1 1 S e p 2 00 8 CoolSET -F3R ICE3BR1065JF Off-Line SMPS Current Mode Controller with integrated 650V CoolMOS® and Startup cell (frequency jitter Mode) in FullPak ® Power Management & Supply N e v e r s t o p t h i n k i n g . CoolSET®-F3R ICE3BR1065JF Revision History: Previous Version: Page 15 17,18 19 19 23 24~28 29,30 31 32 2008-09-11 0.2 Datasheet Subjects (major changes since last revision) Add max. limitation for CBK capacitance Revise description of protection mode. Add constrains of 25.5V Vcc OVP Revise max. voltage for VFB, VCS and VBA Revise ID_Puls to Tj=125°C and add the avalanche rating Add Drain Source Avalanche Breakdown Voltage Add typical controller performance characteristics Add typical CoolMOS® performance characteristics Add input power curve Revise outline dimension For questions on technology, delivery and prices please contact the Infineon Technologies Offices in Germany or the Infine […]

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3BR1065JF Datasheet

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